This is an old blog that I have been using just a little like having a spare shed in the back yard where I keep things that I’m not using but I won’t throw them away because I know they will come in handy sometime or other.

Anyway, today I put a new battery in my camera and went for a drive. Sometimes you can get lucky and I saw a Black-shouldered Kite  (elanus axillaris). I stopped my car and hid behind some long grass but unfortunately I was still quite a long way away. And I had not brought my tripod. Nevertheless I was quite lucky, but I will leave you to making an assessment.

I tried to get closer but a truck drove past and blasted the air with his horn. So I went home.

12 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hello John,

    It’s pretty good if you ask me!

    Never seen a Black-shouldered Kite (and probably never shall) so thanks for this amazing photo.

    Apologies for the delay replying, and belated Congratulations grandad!

    So glad you were able to get past the road blocks and fulfil an essential roll in the new arrival procedure. I bet it was amazing to see such a tiny newborn. I trust they are managing well.

    I hope that now things have opened up a little, the dreaded Covid doesn’t come back too soon. At least with summer arriving there it should be less infective and people can stay outdoors to keep their distances.

    The care of yourself and lets hope that we can meet up at some point in the not too distant future,

    Best wishes,



  2. Recently I followed the live camera on the two white-bellied Sea Eagles in Sydney Olympic Park. Quite the journey from egg to fledge for SE27 and SE28. But the nest is surrounded by suburbia and their future is never certain. So much more gratifying to see this smaller raptor proud and free.

  3. Dear John,

    Thank you for featuring my avian colleague, the black-shouldered kite (Elanus axillaris), so commendably through the fruitful results of your bird-watching and excellent photography.

    Happy mid-November to you!

    Yours sincerely,

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