Be wary of waiting in anterooms!

 Background: The leader of the free world (LOFW) sends out a message across a hemisphere and calls for the leader of Australia (LOA) to come and see him. The LOA arrives at the appointed time and at the appointed place but the LOFW has ducked into a pub for celebratory drinks with his henchmen. So the LOA cools his heels and waits. In the great scheme of things he rates far below celebrating the dismantling of millions of people’s health care. And so when the LOFW greets the LOA they both put on a good show for the cameras and tells the world – those who are interested – that they are the best of buddies.  The End.

I lay awake last night stewing over a myriad of insect bites that had caused my itch. I remember sending a note to the School Principal requesting permission to take my class on a serious and important excursion. It would involve being away from school for four days and the matter of money needed to be discussed. Late on Friday night I received a phone call asking me to come into his office tomorrow, Saturday, morning to discuss the matter. I arrived at the set time and there was no body there. I waited for an hour thinking there had been a mistake but just as I walked to my car to go home he arrived. Oh, I’m glad you waited, he said. My son rang me from Holland and we had a lot of catching up to do. He got a promotion and I just had to stay around and congratulate him. Anyway, about this excursion of yours. I don’t thing we can allocate any money at this time and anyway you being away for four days is a bit difficult. And he turned away and left me. 

Later that afternoon I was at my local vegetable shop and Nico the grocer asked why I looked a bit down and angry. I told him. He said to me, “In my country there is an old saying, ‘Be careful of the king when he keeps you waiting in the ante-chamber. It always brings bad luck'”.

Do you know something? I think it is time we Australians cut our ties to the US. What is the history? Well in May of 1942 the Battle of the Coral Sea was fought by the Americans against the Japanese navy. Although Australia and New Zealand punched above their weight in the War in the Pacific, it was clear that without America we would have been invaded and for that we are forever grateful. And we owe a great debt of gratitude. Since that time Australia has had a commitment in Peacekeeping roles in 37 different countries. Some of these have been very small and can only be described as token, but they are there non-the-less.

Australia, along with New Zealand, has been involved in most major American military endeavors since World War II including the Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, the Iraq War and in Afghanistan and Syria. I wonder how many of these countries were to be seen as a threat to Australia. But the result is that we have indeed, become a target for the North Koreans and for home-grown Jihadists.

And, of course, how does our number one ally thank us for all our support, both militarily and in the United Nations where our support is usually taken for granted? The answer can be derived from the following. Mr Trump says he would be honored to meet Kim Jong-un (under the right circumstance) but he will keep Australia’s Prime Minister waiting for hours so that he can celebrate with his cronies. Actually I don’t think we need to cut our ties with the US. I think Donald Trump has made it perfectly clear just where Australia stands in his scheme of things. And for Australia to continue to cave in on any occasion that we are humiliated by an American president only goes to show a weakness that we do not deserve.

It’s time we said “Goodbye, and thanks for your help in the old days.”


21 thoughts on “Be wary of waiting in anterooms!

  1. I agree with PiedType. The entire mess is embarrassing, even infuriating (especially to those of us who’ve grown up into functional adults and aren’t still running around caught up in childish temper trantrums), and enervating. Saying we told you so (for those of us who never wanted him in the WH) is no remedy. Nor will the funniest Saturday Night Light cold mockery openings make things funny or right. I wish it were a bad dream.

    Your comments about what Australia does next have more to do with your leadership which, judging by what I read, may also caught up in a world of make-believe or denial? I appreciate your roll-out of Australia’s history with the US, even though I found it sad reading.

    I’d say take my comments with a grain of salt, but I don’t think they deserve that. There’s no way to make it better.

    Thanks for listening, John! And thanks to Brian for the reblog. Moving on….

  2. Remember back in the early 2000s that John Howard (in his capacity as Australian Prime Minister) earned the nick-name Bonsai (i.e. a little bush) because of his strong support for US President George W Bush?
    That was around the time he sent some thousands of Australian troops to Iraq looking for weapons of mass destruction. Malcolm Turnbull’s interactions with President Trump have been dodgy so far. I wonder how long before he gets an appropriate nick-name? Pity his name isn’t Harold, ‘cos I could kick it off with Hang Around Harry.

  3. Fair enough, but don’t do anything to get invaded. Try to avoid having weapons of mass destruction and try not to interpret the Bible in what are obviously nutty ways and then act upon it.

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