Pre Memories of my Grandparents.

My paternal Grandfather was a theological student and became an Anglican Minister. He visited Australia from England in 1902 and there met my Grandmother. He only stayed in Australia for about two months. They became engaged either then or later. He returned to England and then went to Canada and was one of the foundation students of the Emmanuel College Saskatoon Saskatchewan in 1907. The photos that show native American Indians were taken during that time. He left Canada and came to Australia in 1910 Where he married my Grandmother. He returned to Canada to take her for a honeymoon but came back to Australia where he lived the rest of his life. They had three sons and one daughter.

I will attempt to show some pictures now,if the magic lantern machine works. Most are self explanatory. If anyone wants any personal details eg Surnames please ask on the comments and I will email them.

Early days in Saskatoon

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Wedding and Honeymoon in Vancouver.

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I must thank my brother Michael who can always find me a photo when I want one.

And just for fun here’s a little something I prepared earlier. This will be an example of how I use a couple of facts to write stories full of inventions.

I’m writing fam’ly history

In something close to verse.

I’ve made up most of what you read

The truth is much much worse.

It starts with great great grandpa

Who worked in Saskatoon

He worked for God amongst the men

Who drank in the saloon.

He had a fiercesome upper cut

He needed it some times

For often drunken Polak lads

Came up there from the mines.

“Don’t go out in the snow Grandpa

Don’t go in the snow.

If you live in Saskatoon

It’s something you should know.”

But one bleak Sunday evening

After singing Evensong

Our silly dear old Grandpa

Did something really wrong.

“Don’t go out in the snow Grandpa

Don’t go in the snow.

If you live in Saskatoon

It’s something you should know.”

But our dear old silly Gran’pa

Went for his evening walk

And early the next morning

He never more would talk.

Grandpa had left Olde England

With a Bible in his sack.

He said he heard God calling.

He knew he’d not turn back.

He started out in Winnipeg

Some place you all should know

And then he went to somewhere

Called Boise Idaho.

Now all my current family –

People I revere

Say “That’s not how my Daddy told

The story we hold dear.”

So let me say again my friends

I’ll say it very clear.

I’m making all this story up.

If nothing – I’m sincere.

“Don’t go out in the snow Grandpa

Don’t go in the snow.

If you live in Saskatoon

It’s something you should know.”

Before he went to Canada

Before he got so cold.

Our Gran’pa went to Mexico.

Or so I have been told.

He stayed in Acapulco.

He drank the native wine.

He didn’t like it very much.

Maybe, some other time.

But something kept on calling –

Maybe God. Or maybe Ma.

“Come home you silly dreamer,

We think you’ve gone too far.”

But Grandpa didn’t listen.

He knew where he should be.

He went north to Saskatchewan

He needed snow, to see.

“Don’t go out in the snow Grandpa

Don’t go in the snow.

If you live in Saskatoon

It’s something you should know.”

But silly dear old Grandpa.

The silly. silly man.

He went out in the snow then,

And the poor old fellow froze to death.

Which we now know didn’t happen.

23 thoughts on “Pre Memories of my Grandparents.

      • I am sorry I missed that one. I will leave you to write deep and meaningful stuff about everything to prevent falling into quicksand. But I will have a go at poetry.
        I’ll put a bit of spin on it and see if I can get it to move the other way. For after all, in the great scheme of things cricket is much, much more important than an election in a country that doesn’t play the game. Because there, it’s just not cricket.

      • With the two contestants that were there, not only was it not cricket, it was probably not football or (field) hockey either. In the world that matters, India survived the first Test against England a short while back. Not a good sign in a season where an Aussie series looms ahead (I think).

  1. I think young men used to travel around a lot more then. My Grandad emigrated to Canada but came back. He used to work on the train from Ontario to Winnipeg, and he too, was fascinated by the First Nation people.

  2. You’re tempting me to post a photograph of my paternal grandparents, with most of their children and some grandchildren; my cousins, who I don’t remember at all, my dads not in the pic. Both were born the year of Abraham Lincolns death 1865.
    It’s not such a good photograph as those that you have, a pretty scruffy looking lot of Cockneys 😀

    • I already have. What do you think made me post all this stuff. Actually I will send you my brothers address. He has all sorts of geneological bits and pieces.

    • All the photos are from slides he took. These are all genuine. PS I am just refreshing the post so give it a minute ‘cos I forgot to put the joke in at the end.

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