More Memories of Mother

Someone asked for photos so I immediately messaged my younger brother in Northern  Queensland to ask him if he could send a couple. He just as immediately unlocked the 753 safety deposit boxes of family memorabilia and sent me nine. “Is that enough?” he asked. Of course it was enough! I had only asked for two so I suppose I’d better post them all. A city girl who went bush and a bushie who came back to the city.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Notice she was always smiling!

23 thoughts on “More Memories of Mother

  1. Good to see them as a slideshow. Now I can read the texts that go with them. Makes more sense now. Can you slow down speed of the autoplay?

  2. It’s fun to look back on old pix. She looked like a happy lady, always smiling! 😊
    That’s a heck of a nice log cabin there!

  3. She’s a bit of a stunner. At home on the High street as well as in the bush! One versatile lady.
    Is that were you got your dark good looks from?

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