What would you do with an empty silent picture movie theatre if you knew it was about to be pulled down and the land used for highrise units? I guess it would depend a lot on who you were and what you did. But if you were Melbourne’s pre-eminent street artist you would paint it. Well, not all of it but at least the back wall.

So this is the story. R-O-N-E is the name used by Tyrone when he paints. But Rone doesn’t only paint portraits on canvas of beautiful women but he also paints on the inside of old and decaying buildings.



Today I went to his exhibition at 247 Johnston Street Fitzroy in inner suburban Melbourne. I will show you my favourite work toward the end. And at the end I will link you to Rone’s own site so you can trawl through and find what you will.

But this was without any doubt in my mind the most spectacular art exhibition I have ever seen. It definitely brought a lump to my throat. And the depth of meaning was amazing. Here are more and then I will tell you some of my thoughts and Rone’s thoughts as well.
p1060554 p1060555 p1060556 p1060557 p1060558 p1060559 p1060560 p1060561

I asked Rone how he felt knowing that in some cases in maybe a week or so after a painting has been finished, the building might be demolished. You get a beautiful model to pose against a canvas that is doomed for destruction. We batted this thought back and forth for a while and in the end the answer was clear. These paintings depict the transitory nature of physical beauty. They are captured on film or digitally,but in the end age overcomes. Did he mean that we were to look for the hidden beauty? And as is the nature of artists he didn’t answer but left it to the person viewing to decide for themselves.

But the one that will be lost forever in only a few weeks will be the huge one that covers the back wall.


Then the detail in the eye.



And this is Rone.(Tyrone Wright),  street artist, based in Melbourne Who happily spent many minutes with a Philistine.

Please go and see more by clicking on this LINK and in the link there are videos that are very interesting.

And I leave you with the sun coming through the windows in shafts of light on the people who were as fascinated as I.

p1060567 p1060568

And now a slide show of them all again.

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27 thoughts on “Rone

    • I was hoping you saw this. I thought that your ‘sand art’ was a similar example of the way beauty can often be fleeting. Although the waves will definitely was the art away in the next few hours or minutes, but the buildings might still be there in days or months.

  1. As I viewed these, I thought how sad it is that such beauty has been created for destruction. I’m glad that you and others have captured these images before they are replaced by highrise buildings!

    • Yes that is true and the artist himself said that we should look for beauty in those things that are not transitory and to find beauty in things that appear to be ‘unbeatiful’ on the surface.

      • There is much beauty that we don’t see unless our minds are open to it as well as our eyes! I have long said that the camera helps me to see the beauty!

  2. So pleased you found this place and that you tell the story so well. And your own photographs have done great credit to the artist and the exhibition.

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