Becky’s Poem

We each and all dream. Often times our dreams are wishes. Daydreams are remembrances or unearned riches. Most of us have dreams as hopes but we do little about it. So I wrote the following poem not for myself; except maybe as an atonement for wasted opportunity. Nor did I write it for the boy I once may have been. Nor did I write it for all the girls who never fell in love with me nor the old women who gave themselves to heroes with feet of clay. Or maybe I did write it for all of these. But in the end I wrote it for Becky who, like a Phoenix, was burned in the fire that was the Balkan wars, and rose, along with others of the same ideal, out of the ashes of Sarajevo and Srebrenitza to preach forgiveness and healing and to lay claim to a new tomorrow. So this is Becky’s poem.

Becky’s poem

Old men dream dreams
With eyes awake
And open eyed
accept their age.
With cold precision,
they see the days
stretched out before
like lines upon a page.

And boys dream dreams
with eyes half shut
with gallant sword
held out once more.
They see their self as heroes come
With much acclaim.
And at their side
the beauty
that they dreamed before.

These beauties did not dream of them
They did not dream
of conquering men
No if they dreamed
They dreamed at night
Of saving whales
And speaking right
And pleading for imprisoned men
Or tilting at imagines mills.

Old women dreamed when no one knew
Of being young
And loving men
Who also dreamed of loving them.

But sometimes women old and young
And men who sit in blazing sun
Awake and find their dreams are naught
And stones are hard on bended knees
The sun, at day, burns on a back
That bows,
accepting wrongful kings
or breaks from thrown stones.

And sometimes some women
young or old
See through the pain that others wrought
See through the folly others sought
And see that dreams
were last night dream’t……
……..And waking clearly know

That all todays must start again.

Go to if you haven’t been there before.

14 thoughts on “Becky’s Poem

  1. You are a man of beautiful words, poetry, stories, all telling a tale many did not know, or have experience with. You are a gift, I’m following Becky now, amazing stuff there, good soul.

  2. It seems like the lyrics of a rap song.
    This is one of the finest poems I’ve come across on WordPress. Truly expressive!

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